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05/23/2017 15:55

Safe Boating

May 20-26th is Safe Boating Week with an emphasis on the National Safe Boating Council Slogan, WEAR IT. About 80% of people who drown were not wearing a life jacket. New styles that automatically or manually inflate, as well as lightweight, standard type III, are popular choices for recreational...
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04/26/2016 09:58

Clean Your Way to a Longer-Lasting Car

Motor vehicle corrosion is a billion-dollar problem in the United States, according to the Federal Highway Administration. And, no wonder. Road salt, tree sap, mud, pollution and even dead bugs and bird poop all contribute to a year-round assault on your vehicle here in upstate New York,...
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05/28/2014 09:11

Grilling Safety

Nothing is more inviting than the smell of food cooking on the grill. However, grilling can be a dangerous activity. According to, in 2006-2010, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 8,600 home and outside fires related to grills (gas and sold fuel), smokers and hibachis. These...
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02/20/2014 12:17

The ABC's of Portable Fire Extinguishers

    Everyone knows that fire extinguishers are a "must have" item in homes and businesses. However, most people probably do not know that different extinguishers must be used under different circumstances. Having the wrong type of extinguisher can be worse than not having one at all....
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02/11/2014 14:26

Generator Safety

   Storms or natural disasters can have the ability to knock your power out for an extended period of time. During an outage, portable generators can offer temporary power, but there are potential risks associated with the use of these generators. Generators can be dangerous, and can...
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11/13/2013 02:00

The Case for Tenants Insurance

It is estimated that as many as 60% of all tenants in this country do not have insurance coverage for their personal property. It is hard to imagine the value of all of those uninsured assets. Providing coverage for your clients’ assets - protecting not only their tangible property but perhaps...
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11/01/2013 01:00

Combating Weather Related Hazards

Winter is upon us, and with the colder weather comes increased risk of loss. Weather-related emergencies can occur at any time. Proper underwriting and communication to your insureds can help to avoid potentially devastating and often tragic losses. After a few years with no major storms or severe...
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